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It’s been a while since I was in a move to port my old blog at to Octopress. I chose octopress over wordpress because of the functionality, the learning experience for the new age hackers and the speed. Along with the added repository at github, I had stood across on this one to be made available to the public from github site publishing service (git pages).

Here’s a couple of pointers I would like to add on this introductory post and what this blog would essentially be about:

  • computer science
  • information security research
  • web application security research
  • network infrastructure security research

A couple of other posts could make it out here. To get an overall abstract of the posts, it’s recommended to take a note of the category section and then click on the link of your subject interest. The sole purpose of this blog is to serve personal research tracking to myself and keep a regulatory note of information security sciences for analytical study and it’s development in past, present, recent and for future times; however the collected informational repository made out here could be used for essential incorporation of working knowledge into pratical driven measures given original credits are included and outcome of any code herein mentioned or copied does not hold any accountable responsibility to it’s authors.

I hope the readers will find this blog informative and updated from time to time and will ensure a good resource overall for the information security community. I look forward to constant feedbacks, if any. Time to get back to the originals.

Update: Please keep referencing these which might be very useful from time to time ..

- [How to setup Octopress Cloned Blog & keping accessing from different machines, also - the basic working of Octopress](

Shritam Bhowmick,
Independent Security Consultant


shritam Hello. Welcome to pwntoken. Shritam is an Information Security Analyst cum Penetration Tester. He does Application Security and here’s his LinkedIn for a professional touch. Feel free to discuss about the post content and you can send him f eedbacks, if any, at his email ( shritam_email).

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